Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brazil Update

Elder Hirschi has arrived in São Paulo, Brazil. Here is his email he sent from the Missionary Training Center in São Paulo, where he will be for the next two weeks. I have committed to keeping his blog updated! He also has a Facebook page that he kept in New York. It's under Elder Jacob Hirschi. However, he won't have an iPad in Brazil, so it won't be updated. He has some awesome quotes, pictures and video clips on it. He also says goodbye to the wonderful people in the New York, Rochester Mission. Here is his email: So we arrived at the CTM and we were told to send an email home to settle the hearts of the worried ones back in America... I got dropped off at the airport in rochester by one of the office staff members, then i went from Rochester to Detroit, on a flight that took probably an hour or so. Then we geared up for the flight from Detroit to Sao Paulo, where the CTM is located. It was a grueling 10 hour flight overnight, but luckily I sat next to a pretty cool guy from Brazil who was willing to practice his English while I practiced my Portuguese with me. We arrived in Sao Paulo at 7/30 this morning and went straight to the CTM. It was crazy when I walked into the gate for my flight to SP, and heard more Portuguese being spoken around me than I had my whole life combined! It was awesome, although I didn't understand everything that was being said. I understand more than i thought, but it's pretty stressful to be in the CTM where all the native speakers are being trained. Well, here goes nothing, and I'll possibly email next week to tell you if I survived- Love you all- Elder Hirschi

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