Thursday, September 18, 2014


July 14, 2014 This week was pageant week, and I have very little time to talk about it but I'll read my journal to you when I get home to go into more detail about it. The Hill Cumorah pageant is pretty amazing. 9000 people on average most nights, for about 8 nights! I got to feel the spirit while the volunteer cast of 750 depicted stories from the Book of Mormon. When Christ descends and a booming set of Hallelujahs from the Mormon tabernacle Choir fills the outdoor theatre, you can't help but feel the spirit hit you, as well as everybody else there. I witnessed a miracle in seeing a woman talk to the missionary cast members about the Book of Mormon, and our basic beliefs. She said she had been led by the spirit to attend the hill Cumorah pageant, and she really was so confident that the spirit would bear witness to her if this was the truth and the way that God wanted her to go. She felt the spirit as we read to her put of the Book of Mormon for her first time. She connected we it, and most importantly felt the spirit that what she was reading was good. Being a missionary isn't really that hard because our job is to present to people the opportunity to feel the spirit and then seek it again later. It is not up to us to convince others that the Mormon church is the true church. That's the spirit's job. We simply teach people about what we believe, about how we view Christ, about how God loves His children, about how he takes care of us always, and then invite people to seek him through the Holy Ghost by asking for the truth. It's a cool thing. Well, as far as details, I got no time! But I am definitely in a period of growth spiritually and emotionally and hopefully physically ;) and I can't imagine being anywhere else right now! Love, Elder Hirschi

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