Thursday, September 18, 2014

July 29th, 2014 Hi Family! Sorry we're emailing late, but we had a funeral we had to help put together yesterday so we didn't have time to email. Actually, we split our day, and spent have of PDay yesterday playing basketball and football in the pouring rain :) (never grow up) and the other half doing the funeral. So today is laundry and emailing. I can barely remember what happened last week, so I have to go look back at my notes. He are a few: - Zone conference. A big meeting with our zone, where we pretty much we're directed for two hours on how to update our iPads. The training was given by poor Elder and Sister Wright, who don't own or understand iPads. Nobody's iPad was working completely by the end of he training haha - We met L. She's a really great, humble woman whose daughter lives in Utah after getting baptized a while ago. I realized how hard it must be for parents whose kids get baptized to watch them assimilate into a different life after joining the church, one that they're unfamiliar with. L has heard a lot of wrong things about the church. She's torn between trying out what her daughter has changed her life for, and rejecting it, listening to the negative things that some of her family has said about the church. It's nice to finally get to talk to her and give her the truth to questions she's had for so long. We simply told her to take what we tell her, take what others have said to her, and ask God which voices she should listen to. I'll update you on her. - Tabletop 3 concert with D. We do service for D, and took him to the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and he invited us to a little concert in town. He's got a Dad who's 86 I think, and he came to the concert as well. The last song or two, we see D's dad get up from his walker, hobble over to a good looking girl at the concert, and ask her to dance in front of everybody else. She accepted, and I got some pretty good videos and pictures. It was cool to see him not care about boundaries that people put up so much in society as to what's acceptable and what's not. "It's not good enough in life to just sit in your chair and dance- you've got to get up show yourself you can dance!" - Funeral for B. Yesterday we got see his memorial service, and how many people's lives he had touched. The whole chapel, all the way back to the gym was full with people who loved him. It was cool to see his posterity together as well- I think he had something like 7 kids and 55 grand kids. Dad, I still haven't forgotten that we have to have pizza and cake at your funeral... Well, this email is pretty long... Love you all! Elder Hirschi Tell Jordan and Mike I said hi! It seems like yesterday that I heard Mike give his farewell (I think I might have missed Jordan's?). I'd be surprised at how quick it went but I've come to realize how short two years really is!

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