Thursday, September 18, 2014

First week in Canananandaigua

May 26, 2014 This week was such a blur. New experiences, new people, new companion. So Canandaigua is pretty much Mom you know how you always wanted to live in the country? Picture Canandaigua as a perfect blend of a little country but mixed in with a little town with a feeling of old time historic USA but you can still escape into rural middle of nowhere! Very different from Buffalo, Rochester, and Greece haha but I love it. Elder Brindley is my new companion, and I don't think I go a day without laughing so hard I start crying. Goofiest kid ever but he's a great missionary. Our teaching pool, or group of people we teach, isn't huge, but the sister missionaries in this area had 5 baptisms in the last month and a half, so this ward has a ton of potential and a lot of work to do right now! I can't wait to come next week with new miracles and stories to tell! One fun experience was our service day at Dave's. He lives in one of the most energy efficient homes in the nation. Everything from solar panels to windmills to water tubes heating the ground and therefore the whole house, to energy saving cookware etc etc he's pretty much my hero! But he's just one of the many great people we met this week. Canandaigua really feels like home already! More to come! Love, Elder Hirschi

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