Thursday, September 18, 2014

May 19, 2014 So transfer calls came last night haha. It marked the end of my first 8 transfers, or 6 week blocks on a mission. You only get 16 transfers in a 2 year mission, and guess what? That means I'm half way done with my mission...weird. Is this mission anything I ever expected it to be in a million years? No way. I remember mom saying hey let's go take a church sites tour across America in a few summers. This was a few summers ago. I remember thinking- Colorado, or sites trip? I picked Colorado in my head, and didn't think anything of the church sites trip. We never ended up taking it, but Heavenly Father remembered how I didn't appreciate the sites at all. Now here I am, traveling upstate New York, visiting the sites and testifying of what happened right here in NY! I havce gained such a strong testimony of the places of sacred ground that lies here in upstate, seemingly really random, not-so-much-NYC Rochester NY mission area, That being said, the transfer calls. I have been in Greece NY for about 4.5 months, and now is my time to leave. I'm going to a place called Canandaigua NY. Apparently it's a cute somewhat rural area that lies right on Canandaigua Lake, one of the beautiful New York Finger Lakes. I'm pretty excited, and really surprised at the same time. As we got a head start on saying goodbye to people before transfer calls even came, I so much expected to stay that I didn't put much thought into who I would want to say goodbye to had I gotten transferred. Then I did! So Elder Powers is staying in Greece, he is getting a car, and his new companion is another visa waiter. This week we were able to see some good things happen, like a family finally come to church again altogether, and at least one member bring their friend to church for us to meet as well! The whole 3rd class period at church (there's only 3;) turned into the older guys teaching the member's friend about the Book of Mormon, and testifying of it. It's the best when you see members teach other people about the church. It's something we don't always get the chance to do, because it's hard to open your mouth about religion. But the setting was right, and the whole class participated in teaching this man from Arizona about the Book of Mormon. It was a cool experience to see guys really act on what they believe. If they just came to church because their wives expected them to, or because it's just what theyve always done, I don't think as much discussion and testimony wouldve occurred. But people in this church have a tendency to live it, and let it become a part of their everyday lives. How can you not make the gospel a part of your everyday mortal life, when it ultimately determines your happiness and joy in not only this life but also in the eternities? It has eternal significance, so we can't afford to hide our testimonies wherever we go! Apparently in Canandaigua and surrounding areas, flooding has reaked some serious havoc, so you may see some service pics next week! New adventures to come! Love, Elder Hirschi PS Dad I think that story is awesome about the woman who was dependent on everybody around her. I think she was put there because you needed to help her out and have that experience. You may be cheap, but you're always one to "impart of your substance" to the poor and the needy without hesitation. Even if she racked up way too much green and ripped you off at the grocery store. We had the opportunity to put together a little food basket for a girl to convince her not to rob another store to feed the baby who she was pregnant with. People get out of their minds when they go without. I can't imagine what HEavenly Father feels when He sees His children like that. It's people like you who deserve some blessings after Heavenly Father sighs relief that one more of His destitute children has received help from one of their brothers. You'll see those blessings in some way or another. PS Johnny- You're a stud, and don't worry about the lights thing- whats important is that you're growing into a big man and recognizing why they were on :) PS I don't know my address yet- I'll send it tomorrow!

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