Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Yer Merk

June 23, 2014 Thursday was a very odd day for me. It was June 19, 2014. We had a zone conference. It just so happened that my first day in the MTC was June 19th, 2013... And during the zone conference, President Francis gave a training and for some reason kept repeating the sentence (not knowing it was my year mark) "exactly one year ago today, exactly one year ago today" and it just rung in my ears for a while. It's been a whole year since I started my mission, and it seems like I got here yesterday. I remember the first day, when on the way to the airport I forgot a bag, then we arrived and I had to switch my stuff to a different bag because I put razors in my carry on...then I missed my flight haha It seems like yesterday that I walked in late to a huge meeting at e Mtc introducing us to the mission, sitting there with someone besides my companion because I had gotten there late and my actual companion was with a couple other missionaries, thinking I had chickened out of coming on a mission... It seems like yesterday that our district in e Mtc was playing soccer together, having a blast destroying other teams haha but really. It seems like yesterday that I arrived in Buffalo with no clue what I was doing in NY, trying to figure out how to contact strangers and talk to them about at least one of the two "forbidden" topics (religion). It seems like yesterday that I got into Rochester and saw so many new perspectives and personalities and things about myself that I never knew before. It seems like yesterday that I was crushed because I had to move to Greece NY and leave people I felt so attached to. It seems like yesterday that I never thought I would love anywhere as much as Rochester 4th ward, but then I found Greece, and new beginnings brought blessings and deep relationships with more new people. It seems like yesterday that I packed up once again and moved to a place I never pronounced correctly until I got here in CanaNdaigua. It seems like yesterday that I walked up and down Main Street talking to people about the pageant, meeting people who were prepared for the gospel, and helping people overcome addictions that would have either put them in jail or worse by now, had we not run into them in the first place. It seems like yesterday that I hit my year mark. Yet it's already been 4 days since already! Long story a little less long, time flies when you're on a mission. Although it seems like yesterday, if I stop and think about everything that has happened in the last year, it seems more normal that it's been a year. I love you all, and yes Mom, on a mission I've had to rely on the Lord and get to know Him in a different way than I ever did before. A better way. A closer way. Thanks for the emails, notes, packages, inhalers, and everything in between. It means a lot to have a family that cares about you and what you're doing even though we're so far away from home. I can't wait to see what new experiences will come in the next year! I won't even try to make any predictions, because I know I'll be off by a long shot! Love, Elder Hirschi Ps I'm on my iPad pics:(

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