Thursday, September 18, 2014

July 1....

Today is July 1. Time keeps flying by. This week was a big week for us. We're getting ready for the Hill Cumorah Pageant, which is the biggest outdoor theatrical event in the United States, according to word on the street. It's an outdoor play put on by volunteer cast members from all over the United States. You have to qualify to be in the cast, and you stay for about 2 weeks, either staying in the dorms on the site of the Hill Cumorah (near Palmyra) or staying at a local hotel. You show up on the 4th of July, practice all day every day for about a week, and then perform for 7 or 8 days straight (the show begins at 9:30pm so you don't get much sleep!) There are about 600 cast members, and 9 to 10,000 in the crowd every night of pageant. I've never been, and I only get to see 1 pageant during my mission, so next week is going to be pretty exciting. The Pageant is not a beauty's a play that depicts what the Book of Mormon is all about, and where it came from. Cool! Transfers were also yesterday, and we had some pretty upset sisters. Sister Tipton is going home in 6 weeks, and she just got moved to a new area for her last 6 weeks. No missionary wants to end their mission in a new area, but she is a trainer for pageant cast members, so she needed to be close to pageant, and let other missionaries who aren't cast trainers be in her area! Nonetheless, she's a bit upset, and we're all going to miss her! Also, the two sisters who are staying in our district are both training new missionaries, so the next 6 weeks should be interesting...not that they ever aren't...By the way Elder Brindley and I (you're welcome Grampsss) are staying the same for another transfer. We've got to run to an appointment, but thanks for all the emails, sorry it's a bit rushed, but really busy is better than not at all right? Love, Elder Jake... time for pics....maybe next time I'll send all the pictures instead of emailing. I have some great ones!

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