Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not Much Time....

August 4, 2014 Sorry, I got no time! I'm emailing with about 2 minutes left. Sorry :( This week was crazy, and flew by like crazy. It was a mixture of Po dunk Bakeries, Drywall fiascos, and 20 year olds breaking down when the bottom is suddenly hit without warning. Po Dunk Bakeries: we were invited by D to go to the best bakery I've ever experienced. It's something you'll never find in any city or any place with a name, because she basically runs her business to satisfy her passions for baking, not to run a business and receive some nice income. $4 breakfast that actually filled me up people! Really personable, and not just to earn a bigger tip (even though she did haha)! Crazy! Drywall Fiascos: We continued the fiasco of Drywalling M's barn. It's taking some time, but we hope that in the end she will actually want to hear our message that we know can help her find more to her life than she is now. She's such a great lady either way haha oh M... 20 Year olds: ok, 20 year old. J hit rock bottom this week. Good thing we met him when we did, because we were there to help him find one thing amidst all the negativity that would help him the most: humility. To see him offer a prayer of the most humble kind he probably ever had, was really powerful, and it helped me more fully understand that our trials are always given to us for a purpose. J's was to find humility, and to be put in a position where he could really feel the spirit and start understanding that what we're teaching about Christ and His atonement can actually help him. That is all. Love, Elder J

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