Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Wow it's freezing here! Send me all the coats you have!
Just kidding, it is true that it's getting cold here, but it's definitely bearable. Mom I appreciate the gloves and hat and priceless PJ's you sent me:) I did get your last package by the way, sorry I never acknowledged that. I think I'm good so far as far as things I need. The good thing is that I actually have a car in this area, as opposed to bikes like my last area. We have a certain amount of miles that we have to stay under each month, but usually we have access to a car all day. This is really nice when the wind hits you like a brick wall in the morning. We did have multiple miracles happen this week, and the weather was the most appreciated probably. So this week, we counted out that we set a record of 28.5 hours of service this week. This is totally abnormal, but we got a friendly call at the beginning of this week and we had no idea what we were getting into. There is a lady who used to come to church, but doesn't anymore, who the other Elders who live by us ran into. This lady was moving into the same apartment complex as the Elders. They asked the lady if she needed help moving, and of course volunteered me and my companion as well.
We spent three pretty much full days at her apartment, packing boxes, playing Tetris in the truck with all the boxes, and loading unloading, with a couple flights of stairs in between. The miracle comes in because the weather was pretty much great whenever we moved this lady. But right when we finished moving her, it turns freezing and rainy outside. Yeah it was quite the experience, but the light at the end of the tunnel was reached after 15.5 hours or more of moving her. We also raked multiple yards this week, and moved two other families besides this lady. Apparently everyone loves moving right before it gets cold here in NY. But keep in mind also that we only had one completely healthy person moving out of the four of us. My companion and another Elder had serious back problems two weeks ago, so it was a miracle they could lift anything, let alone the 300-400 pound freezer we had to lift into a truck. My knee was fine during it all, but still not 100%. Overall, a great week.
Also I went to the Doctor's Assistant and he said that it's probably a small meniscus tear, but nothing's for sure until I get the MRIs done. They should be scheduled hopefully for this week. Surgery would be minor and wouldn't necessarily have to happen now, so I may be able to put it off til after the mission or later if I even need it. We'll see, but we're all hoping to play basketball today, so we'll see if everyone comes out alive and healthy!
Thanks for all the emails, sorry this one went long- Love you all!
Elder Jake Hirschi

Hello from Roc City-
I've been in Rahhhchester for about a week now. I've loved everything about, and I think I'm really going to miss this area when I eventually leave it. So I've turned a new page, washed an old rag, made a new bed whatever you want to call it here in Rochester New York! I said so long to Buff City and was sad to see it go. But I still have all the memories and things I learned there with me always. My new companion is Elder Bird. He's a stud, really. So missionaries go on missions for two years, right? That's 24 months (right?;)) and Elder Bird has 1.5 months left!!! I'm going to send him home, and that will be a sad day. He's super relaxed and we really connect well. There is one problem, though. We're both broken! Not really, my knee is actually  quite good even though I haven't quite seen a doctor haha but he's had some back problems for years. This week he started experiencing shooting pains, and he'll see a chiropractor this week. Our mission president is a chiropractor himself, but unfortunately according to mission rules, he's not allowed to operate on missionaries. There's also another missionary in our area who also threw out his back this week. Us kids are getting too old for some of this stuff...anyway, yes in answer to literally everyone's universal question: it is getting cold here in NY. But just so everyone knows, I bought a coat. It's a ski jacket, and yes it will keep me warm. Plus, we found a jacket in the closet of the apartment (which is a way nice apartment haha) so I'm all set! Thanks for the concern though.
So something cool happened this week. I'm supposed to go to Brazil, right? Well we were eating dinner with some members of the local congregation and we started talking about Brazil. Guess who lives next door to them? A Brazilian family! It was crazy so we went over and talked to the family-they love talking Portuguese grammar so I'll be over there quite a bit. This week was filled with lots of little miracles like that one. There are many people in the world though, that know that if they turn to the gospel, they will be comforted. They are just unwilling to change. We as mortals are naturally hesitant to change. But if we make the effort to wake up to get to church, or sit down with our family and read the scriptures, or talk about religion in general, then we see the blessings. I know it's hard and sometimes just not on our schedule, but keep Heavenly Father on the schedule! I'm not lecturing you, I'm just acting as if you are people we teach haha!
Have a fantastic week!
Love ya,
Elder Jake Hirschi