Monday, October 13, 2014

Brazil for life...

October 3rd, 2014 A week has gone by at the good old CTM here in Brazil. Despite not knowing if I would survive, it's been pretty good. It's weird to goto the MTC in Provo Utah, then serve a mission in the field for more than a year, then have to go back to the training center, back to school, back to everything included in surrounding yourself with a bunch of not-yet-quite-grown-up 19 year old dudes in a classroom all day. But, I love it. I always said that I learned more Portguese in 6 weeks in Provo than I did in 3 years of spanish in high school. But now I can say that I have probably learned more in one week here in the CTM in Brazil than I did in 6 weeks in Provo haha crazy. We have special privileges as 2 weekers in this CTM to actually go do some proselyting in the city, whereas the 6 weekers here (who didn\t serve missions before) don't get to proselyte. We´re to the point where we´re pretty comfortable talking to people on the street, which is a complete miracle because we´ve only been here for a week! I should explain a bit more´s not like we understand everything the people are saying. By any means. But I can understand basically what they are talking about, and yesterday we had a 45 minute conversation with a college professor, and she accepted a Book of Mormon, so we´re making a little progress! I have spoken probably 90% Portuguese and 10% English since I´ve been here, so typing this email is a little odd, in fact I hope it doesn´t throw me off... Overall, it´s been a pretty good experience being here at the CTM. Beautiful views, new culture, good food, and new people you get to meet. I´m ready to go to the field though and really start getting the language down. The more talking and listening and having to listen and form conversations because you´re trying to proselyte to them, the better. It´s going to be really hard to focus and try to understand and talk with people when youre not fluent, and the culture is probably going to be a little bit of a shock, but I´d rather be in the field right now. We went to the Sao Paulo temple this morning, and it was great. Unfortunately they had a special session for Americans in English, even though I was looking forward to hearing Portuguese in the temple. It´s cool to actually experience words and things that I´ve studied for so long in the states, like people actually saying oi tudo bem, or street signs that I only saw videos of while studying Portuguese, etc. The only frustrating thing is wanted to know and master everything right now. I know the language will come with time, but I feel like its not really going to come until I leave the CTM... Thank you so much for all the prayers and the thoughts. You don~t really know all the prayes Heavenly Father hears on your behalf, and it´s nice to know that there are so many people on the Lord´s side, cheering each other on. I can´t wait to report on next week, because I´ll be back in the field! Love, Elder Hirschi

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