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Monday, April 20th, 2015
This week, again was crazy haha 
At least my companion Elder Crawford got better, and we were able to work a ton this week. I feel like Im more motivated than any other time on my mission to work as hard as possible. The fact that I have one month left isn´t working against me or making my trunky, but it´s really helping me focus on all I have to do before I go home, and my biggest fear isnt trunkyness. It´s not getting done everything I want to! There´s so much to do in so little time!
  This week I learned a lot about gratitude and what I have in my life. I was reminded this week of my area in Rochester- bascially the ghetto of Rochester haha where I felt for the first time that I was surrounded by people who have never known the happiness that I have- and it was kind of hard to always be trying to help people who have experiences and difficulties that I dont know about. This week was pretty much the same thing- a mix of families going through a lot of hard things. We´re teaching one girl who has a desire to get baptized but she doesnt know if marriage or separation is theright thing. We´re also working with an alcoholic who has a desire to stop drinking and get on the right path, but he feels helpless and out of the control of his addiction.  Also we´re working with someone who has a testimony stronger than any member I know, but who woke up in the morning and saw her 15 year old son on the news for stealing a car and crashing it with his buddies. She just wants him at home, but she feels like she´s doing everything she can to lead him back home, but he wont come. 
  So there are a string of difficulties people experience here, and for most of them, Im pretty useless as far as personal experiences go. But Ive come to learn that the gospel is universal, and can be applied to any situation, any hardship, and you can be comforted in any difficulty, regardless if the people around you understand perfectly your situation or not. And it´s all because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that the gospel applies to us perfectly. He suffered everything that we have suffered, are suffering, or will suffer in the future. We NEED to rely on His sacrifice, because without it, there really isnt hope for much of any comfort in this life. 
  Im grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ, and for his WILLINGNESS. Im more willing to work for the Lord every day as His missionary because He was willing to die for my sins and suffer through my trials. 
  I hope everyone has a great week, and thank you for all the thoughts and emails! 

PS this lanhouse doesnt have a slot again to put my camera and pass pics. But I promise Im taking some great pics haha use your faith and patience that one day I will send some sweet pics. 

Elder Hirschi  

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