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April 27th, 2015
Finally got the pics sent! But dont worry, there´s almost 1000 more, so we´´ll have a great slideshow sesh when I get home!

This week was really great. We met some people- T, C, N (de novo) and a family who are so ready to accept the gospel and let it change them. We saw a bunch of miracles this week- including P´s baptism. Me and Elder Kimura met him and his family first, and then I got Elder Crawford and we continued teaching him, and then about two weeks ago we moved our areas around again and we had to give him over to the other Elders in the ward. So it was tough to not teach him more, but the important thing is that he got baptized! It was such a great baptismal service because all the youth came to support him, and a bunch of people were there at the chapel getting ready for a dance afterwards (no we didnt attend haha) so it was a great night. We went through a lot with him, and to see him sacrifice and eventually be ready to enter the waters of baptism and start a new life that will profoundly help his family in the future, was great. He was so excited the night of his baptism, and it was evidence to me that the Holy Ghost is real, and that the gospel truly changes people. We´ll be waiting for the rest of his family to get baptized soon! 
  One other miracle that happened was at church on Sunday. Last week was kind of a bummer because we didnt have too many people who we´re working with show up at church, but this week was different. Usually we have a frequency of about 70-80 at the max at church. This week we reached 105! We need to stay at about 110 for a good amount of time to qualify to reform our chapel, and we´re close. The ward is working too- it wasnt just our efforts that got people to church, but our leadership in this ward is incredible. Our bishop cardoso is pretty much ready to be celestialized haha he´s got his whole heart in the work of the Lord in our area, and he´s a great example to me of how I can really apply my HEART in the work, not just my feet to walk to people´s houses, or my mouth to say words. He really talks with his heart, and it´s a great lesson to me. Ill definitely remember him long after I come home. 

Sorry this email is short but hey at least I sent pictures!

Love you all!
Elder Hirschi

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