Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Falta 5 semenas! Huh?

Monday April 13th, 2015

This week was pretty interesting- filled with lots of ups and downs, as usual! Let´s start with the downs- 
   My companion Elder Crawford got sick, and we had to stay inside all day Saturday. Haha I almost died staying inside all day talking to no one...I think Ill be dropping out of college soon after continuing...anyways but another small detail is that we were living with about 8 missionaries in that small apartment in the centro, meant for 2 missionaries, 3 at the maximum. We had so many because it was the end of a transfer, and all the ´´heroes´´ going home stayed in other apartments the last nights of their mission. It was a little scary because A) we put the health of so many missionaries at risk at the end of their missions haha and B) I saw my very near future pass before my eyes- in 5 weeks Ill be doing the same thing- ending my mission so quickly...but the missionaries going home all seemed pretty healthy, so I think Ill be alright. 
  Ive been having some serious moments of ´´im going to miss this when I go home´´ this week. Especially today, because we packed up our suitcases and finally moved back to our original house in Independência. Just the action of packing up a suitcause gets you a little sentimental...missions are strange haha but yes Ill be taking advantage of all the people that speak portuguese, all the cheap but amazing food, all the palm trees, cultural differences, and awkward situations. Ill miss it all, but I have 5 great weeks to finish it out!
  An up this week was our battle to find elites who are ready to accept our message. I was thinking and praying about finding people who really are prepared to hear the gospel. We´re willing to work and t4each- we just needed to be guided to find people, so we asked Heavenly Father. Every night I asked to find and be guided to elites, and the whole week I was worried that we werent finding people that were rreally prepared. We can sit down and teach people all day no problem, but Brazil has a bit of a problem with people who will listen and listen but wont act- wont go to church, wont read, wont pray, etc. But Sunday was our day of miracles because we found Neander, who lives really really far away from everything. He was taught one time in the past but the missionaries never returned. When we knocked on his door he received us really well and is super prepared. He´s willing to act and really figure out if our message is true. It was an answer to our prayers, and it was really refreshing to know that there are people out there waiting for the message of the Restoration. We´re also working with Paulo, who is 16 and has a true desire to get baptized and change his life. He´ll probably get baptized this week or the next. His family fell out of Heaven into teh bairro Salgado Filho. They just need to act and come to church haha but it´s an amazing experience to meet and teach people who are really prepared to change. 
  The weeks are passing really fast, and Im not letting a moment pass me by. Thanks for all the emails! 
Elder Jake Hirschi

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