Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello from Ribeirao Preto

March 9, 2015

This week, again, was the fastest week of my mission. A lot has happened in a week, and a lot will happen the next week also. Ill just stay on the computer until next week, because it passes so fast that it seems like only a couple days have passed, instead of a whole week. I think of the 12 days in the MTC in São Paulo, and how they felt like 12 years, and here in the field, 12 days is nothing. But 9 weeks is a lot haha
   This week we had some interesting experiences. Ive learned that we hae to teach people in a different way than the people in the US. They have very different cultures as far as doubts about the church and our method. We lost a couple of investigators this week, and gained a few more. We are really dealing with some really special people, like some of you have already noticed. This Saturday will be the baptism of Cristiana, who is our example of Christ in many ways- one being the willingness to walk an hour to church. We also had another family come to church, and make a lot of friends. Paulo and Gracielma are very special. I forgot if I talked about them last week, but Ive learned a lot from them already. Basically Gracielma is 22 and is the rock of her family with 4 other brothers and one single mom. She is so humble and willing to learn about our message then take it to God and ask if it´s right. I think her family will get baptized pretty soon. Another miracle we saw was with Natali, who is 20. She is deciding whether or not she´ll go on a mission, even though she only has about 2 years in the church. She went through some real dificulties with friends ripping on the church, trying to dissuade her from serving a mission. You always see a lot of temptations right before you leave for or decide you will go on a mission, because in truth Satan knows the potencial that young people have to preach the gospel to others. He´ll do anything he can to destroy God´s plans, and what better way to do that than to attack the young representatives of Jesus Christ who are willing to serve him as a full time missionary? 
  But always Im learning here the importance of being a missionary without a nametag. A lot of members have helped us a ton to teach our investigators. I loe teaching with a member because you can always see that the member benefits from the lesson that he is teaching, not just the investigator. This is a very loving ward, and Im so glad I get to finish my mission here in Independência!
That´s all I have time to share this week, but there will be more miracles next week for sure!
Love you all!
Elder Hirschi
PS family Im laughing to myself thinking of all the funny moments you´re having there in O Beach!!! You stoppin at Six Flags too??

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