Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And when President doesn't have any more surprises...

March 30, 2015
 think the title of this email was the title of one of Kylie´s emails when she had about the same amount of time left on her mission as I have now.....
   This week was crazy haha Im still trying to figure out where I am. Basically Elder Kimura and I were doing some weekly planning, when the phone rang. We were told to call Pres immediately. We called him and he said that our area and our zone was being divided, and I was called to be the leader of one part of our zone. This means that I would receive another companion also. I was put with Elder Crawford, another American, and we´re working in half of the area that I worked in with Elder Kimura. The only problem is that to add another set of missionaries means we need a place to stay. In our current house, Presidente doesnt think theres enough room to have us stay there too. So for now we´re staying with the ´´assistents´´ to the president in the center of RP, about 20-30 minutes away from our actual area. So there are 5 missionaries living in the centro in an apartment that usually fits 2. But we´ve been trying to travel and learn all the bus schedules and everything, so it´s been fun. Presidente came to our ward on Sunday too, and gave a talk on how the Lord gave our ward two more missionaries, when most of the mission is losing missionaries and closing areas. We´re pretty excited about it, because our ward needed at least 4 missionaries. Right now we´re stoked to work nonstop for the next 7 weeks haha (and afterwards also Im sure...) 
  One fun thing we did was take care of my companion on Saturday. He´s got a wicked rash on his legs, that were spreading pretty bad, so we decided to try and get an appt with a doctor in a private hospital, but they were closed until monday. So we decided that we would just go to the closest public hospital and try to get the rashes looked at. BIG mistake. We passed the first closest public hospital, and of all things, they were on strike. Brazil and strikes, dont get me started Dilma haha so we then treked to the next nearest hospital, and it was pretty crowded at 230 when we got there, but with expectation of being crowded. What we didnt expect was the 6 hour wait just to get attended to. At 830 we finally sat down with a college age doctor, wearing jeans and velcro bowling shoes (irrelevant haha). He was way surprised to hear that we had been waiting 6 hours. Apparently there was a mess up in the system and we waited 2 hours longer than we should have, but thats ok haha we survived. We got some meds and prescription for a antibiotic cream. We left and got home at about 930 or so, feeling more tired than a normal day in the incessant rain. 
   One great thing about this whole emergency transfer is how many missionaries we get to see. The escritorio of the mission is right around the corner of where we live, and we get to see the little army of missionaries running around doing the chores of the mission, and all the behind the scenes work. This mission really is run by the missionaries. President does a lot for sure, and Sister Brum is our mom of the mission, but really this mission wouldnt survive without the missionaries themselves doing all the behind the scene work. Plus we get to do divisions with one of the assistants who is going home in 2 weeks. I learn something new from him every time we´re with him. It´s not even something amazing that he says or the words he uses to teach, but the way he treats people and makes a difference in every appointment we go to. It makes me always want to the best missionary I can be. Right up to the end. 
   Dad when you said that you baptized that family because you went out to work on Pday night, it made me want to keep being as diligent as I can be. Im feeling the urgency of diligence right now with my end date sneaking up. just 6 more Sundays. Im wanting to teach and testify every elite person that´s here in Independência, and Im getting really motivated. We just need to organize a bit and get into a better swing, but things are going well!
 Sorry this email is so long!
Elder Hirschi
ps mom I got your package and I loved it!!! Peanut Butter and Granola bars are like gold and silver to me right now haha
Kylie I love the ties haha portugal style thank you so much! Plus those talks are changing my view of things on the mission also! thanks for thinking of me!  

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