Sunday, January 25, 2015


Wood floors in the family room NOOOOOO dont take for granted the beautiful carpet!!! Just kidding do what you want, but just know that when I come home Im going straight for the carpet haha

I cannot believe that Brittany is getting married on the 14 and Megan graduates the 17th- and I come home the 18th......but unfortunately I wont try to come home even earlier because im getting cut short as it is...I hope both are filmed and recorded!

November 17th, 2014

This week went by faster than any other week here, and maybe any other week on the mission. Not really sure why. But we have 2 baptisms coming up on Saturday, which should be awesome. We´re really getting the ward involved in missionary work, just like the ward in KC is right now, it sounds like.

We had some awesome lessons this week, especially with Pamela and Cicera. Theyre not going to get baptized saturday, but I think they will soon. Pamela doesnt have much, she just got out of a really rough relationship, is living with her mom right now, is stressed with her two little kids (fofinhos haha) but Ive never seen anyone that pays more attention to our message than her. She is more sincere than you can imagine, and she is earnestly and honestly searching for truth. Heavenly Father prepared her to meet us at the perfect time! I think it´s hard to deny that so much goes into God´s plans, and often we overlook everything that goes into our lives, and situations, and people we encounter. god doesnt control us, but he helps our situations and moves soem things around to help give us the ability to make decisions in this life- right decisions!

Ive gained a pretty strong testimony on my mission that we can have a real relationship with Heavenly Father- not just at church, not just during our prayers in the morning, or at night, but really we can have a relationship where we feel Gods presence during the day, during the times of peace, during times of difficulty. Dont limit God. I think maybe I mentioned this before, but many of us limit God and the capacity we have to feel the spirit during the day, at all times. Ill be the first to admit it. But Im working on changing my nature or rather letting God change the way I think and feel and react to things, so that I can feel the spirit at all times. It´s great! And a mission is a good time to try to feel the influence of the spirit at all times haha

I love you all!
Elder Hirschi

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