Sunday, January 25, 2015

First week of 2015

January 5, 2015

This week was crazy haha if I wrote everything that happened I think Id be home by the time I finished...anyways Dad I didnt even mention anthything about your Birthday in my last email so here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We didnt forget dont worry because we had an investigator who had her birthday the same day! (she says shes going to visit our house next Christmas and I think shes serious but we´ll talk about that later;)) I wrote a letter and will send it in the mail today, and I literally said a prayer specifically for this letter to get home without being robbed! So expect it in a few days!
  So, Ill just focus on two things that happened this week- New Years, and teh baptism of Pamela!
  Our New Years was awesome haha the festivities started when we had the baptismal interview with Pamela on New Years Eve. After the interview her mom went into the bathroom (who was really sick) and started making loud banging sounds there in the bathroom....hmm so we investigated and she was having a seizure/convulsion too haha crazy that my family had the same experience over New Years also. Cicera, the woman who had the attack, is a bit crazy. In all honesty it was a bit scary but not really because she takes literally 20 different types of medicine, so of couse something like this is going to happen eventually. But she woke up also after a short while, and didnt even want an ambulance, so her family just let her relax and go back to normal life haha it´s not he first time this has happened with her, which is sad, but she´ll be ok. She came to the baptism of Pamela on Saturday also, so she made a good recovery. New YEars Eve we may or may not have stayed up until midnight with the other missionaries in our area. We made a huge bbq with chicken, beef and pork, and coca cola haha the basics. We had some good times together making raps in Portuguese and shooting the breeze in Brazil for New Years. I couldnt stop thinking that I never pictured myself in Brazil celebrating New Years. I like these moments haha there´s a lot of things that have happened the past year and a little that Ive experienced and then thought to myself- I never pictured myself doing this...It´s great!
  The baptism was great. We woke up at 5:20 in a different city SAturday because we were doing divisions with some other Elders there, and literally from 520 until the baptism was a bit of a roller coaster ride of stress. From calling people and reminding them of the baptism, to getting everything ready, the chapel set up, and a ride for Pamela and her family, it kept us busy. But all in all everything worked out, and we had a bunch of people at the baptism. I dont have a place to put the memory card on my camera, but be assured that I have been taking lots of photos, and when I have a computer that can take a memory card Ill send them!!!
   But all in all this week was filled with waking up at 5am, staying up til midnight, running to the bus stop, calling everybody, and finally seeing the fruits of our labors! It was a great week all in all. Mom to answer your qs about marriage, yes it´s a problem here- for example, we´re teaching a family that is really close, really strong family, and the parents have a declaration of unity thing but not a marriage on paper. People live together in teh beginning without intending to get married, and they just stay together, but never get married! But the majority of the people are willing to get married- it costs more or less $140 so it´s not too bad. We have two weddings that we´re helping plan- we´re excited!

Happy New Year, HAppy Birthday Faj, and Happy week!
Elder Hirschi

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