Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thanksgiving week

This week was indeed Thanksgiving, but you could hardly tell here haha
On Thanksgiving elder Oelkers and I enjoyed some sorvete, and ordered what´s called the ´´Big Hot´´ here in Birigui, which is basically a big, nasty, mayonnaisse- filled hot dog. Enough said about that....
but it was a great Thanksgiving anyways! We had interviews with President on Thanksgiving, and we were going to try and get permission to have a feast with all the American missionaries here but we came up Turkey (turkey is Peru here haha) or football, but it was all good. We had fun anyways!

This week was really interesting, filled with lots of ups and downs. We got a refferal from some other missionaries, for a woman named Aparecida. We visitied her, and although she has a problem with interrupting you whenever you try to talk, she´s great. It was a miracle at first because she said she was ready to be baptized about 2 years ago, but decided not to at the last minute. When we met with her she said that she knew she made a mistake, and still wants to get baptized. Soon. So for about a week we had planned for her to be baptized December 6. Afterwards she was going to travel to NY to visit her daughter. She was also possibly going to visit the sacred grove and palmyra, which wouldve been awesome. Everything was great, she was set to come to church, and then came Sunday. She came to church, and said she liked it, but was a little lost. After church she said that she´s not going to get baptized yet, even though she knows it´s all true. She´s going to call us up after the trip, which bvasically means she´s not going to call us up haha but this was the bummer of this week!

Save the best for last- Marcia and Diogo came to churhc again. Theyre a family who sincerely is looking for the truth, and for the right place to raise a family. they came to church, and loved  it again. They made a ton of friendships, and I noticed how much everyone in that family loves each other. they really know how to communicate like a family should haha and they were a great reminder of how much Im grateful for my own family. I think theyll be baptized and theyll see so many blessings in their lives, because theyre a family who loves each other. Weve been teaching a lot about the family, divinity of the family, and how our families are ordained by God to live together forever. Its one of the biggest reasons we´re here on the Earth- to gain bodies, experiences, and families. Im so grateful for my family and for everything theyve taught me! Thank you family!

We also taught a lesson to a mom and daughter, who had a fight in the middle of the lesson because the daughter asked a question that the mom thought was too casual a subject to be asked to the missionaries. The mom said ´Idont want to talk to my daughter. She annoyed me. She annoyed me!´´ It also made me thankful for my family, and for their willingness to always talk to me haha even when I made mistakes. Thanks again familia!

sorry my email didnt make much sense this week haha

but have a great week! I love you all!
Elder Hirschi

ps mom dont worry about me not having things on Christmas. I have a ton of stuff! Yesterday during our lunch, the mom had to sit on the concrete ground because they didnt have many chairs! This isnt uncommon at all here, and it´s considered a rich area of Brazil! Dont worry that I dont have stuff!!!!

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