Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bomb Week!

November 24, 2015

This week was bomb!

  We had the baptism of Gabrielly this weekend, on Saturday. Marisa was supposed to get baptized, but she decided to wait a little longer. But it was the first baptism in our ward in a while, so we had some pretty good attendance from the members. AFterwards, we had another churrasco, or big barbeque, with a cake for Gabrielly! Nothing better! Also, one good thing was that the parents of Gabrielly came to the baptism too- it was the first time we met them, because they didnt want us teaching their daughter in their house (they were a little scared of us...not sure why haha). But at the baptism Gabrielly´s mom was crying (her Dad too Im sure on the inside...) and really enjoyed it. It was a great baptism. It´s a tradition to taek pictures before a baptism here in front of the chapel outside, and up until Saturday I had only seen many pictures of missionaries outside the chapel at baptisms in Brazil, and it´s crazy to think that Im actually here now, taking pictures in front of the chapel! Weird thought, but it makes sense to me haha
  Sunday we had some really good lessons. We made some progress with one golden family who is really trying to find truth and the right path for them and their kids in life. They are reading the Bookof Mormon together, and they think theyll come to church with the intention of becoming a part of it, not just as visitors. But what I love about them is their sincerety. They always stop everything theyre doing to listen to us. When this happens, the spirit can really testify. When you open your heart to the spirit, you can really feel a difference. But you have to open your heart. The thing is, the people like us coming over, but it´s really not us that they are wanting, even if they dont know it. We had another family (Pamela and Cicera) say that we are welcome every single day if we want, and of couse we were flattered. But it´s not anything we do that makes the difference. It´s the spirit that testifies to them, that gives them peace, and that calms everything down, that they like. Many times people associate us with this peace, but it´s really just the spirit that they want. And when people are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, they can feel the spirit all the time! That´s pretty much what we do as missionaries haha help people feel that spirit. It´s great.

The weather here is great, a little rain this week, but nothing we can´t handle :) Brazilians dont really celebrate Thanksgiving but we´re tryihng to get permission to have an American Party and have a churrasco or something on Thanksgiving. 

I love you all, and thank you for the prayers!

Elder Hirschi 

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