Sunday, January 25, 2015

Transfers Continue

JWell, I finished my 13th transfer in the mission field this week. This means Ive been serving a mission for 13 sets of 6 week transfers. Wow it seems pretty crazy haha so many odd experiences, so many times Ive asked myself- ´´how did I find myself in this situation...´´ and so many miracles. So many entries in my journal of amazing things that are happening. But let´s start with something not so cool.
  The medical system here in Brazil. It´s poorer than dirt, I hate to say it. Forgive me if I speak ignorantly... Before new year, we tried to set an appointment with a specialist to look at Elder V´s back, adn the earliest appt was january 13. We go 3 hours by bus to get there because it´s the closest specialist that takes the church´s insurance card. we finally arrive at the doctors office. They said theyre really behind schedule, and we had to wait 1 to 1.5 hours to get in, no big deal. But Elder V goes in for at maximum 10 minutes. He comes out and says that the doctor said he needs an Xray or he cant do anything to tell him what´s wrong with his back. So we call the President´´s wife, and she looks up a place to take an Xray where we were. With a lot of luck, we find the place to do an Xray. It´s also really crowded in this place, and we wait another hour or so to do the Xray. When we find out that we cant pick up the Xray until later that week, we travel back home, 3 hours, planning to return the same week to pick up the Xray and have another appt with the first doctor specialist. But when we call the doctor´s office to confirm that we can get an appt that same week, they said the next opening is January 26th now. So we have to wait until then just to get checked out. The problem is Brazil doesnt have many doctor´s here, so every office is jam packed. And thats just for the people who are willing to pay a private hospital to get checked out. People who dont have money have to go to public hospitals, where it takes up to many many months to just get a normal appt that isnt an emergency. It´s kind of sad, but basically this adventure took up an entire day here in Birigui!
   Now for some good stuff. Sorry about the rant, but there are many things about the government/medical system/ school system that are pretty awful. But the people, nature, climate, everything else is great!
  Mom, you mentioned that family we visitied with Gustavo. We gave the mom´s sister a blessing, because she had some health problems that werent diagnosed, and they were really worried what was going on with her. When we returned later that week, she didnt have anything wrong with her. You could tell they were stressed about the medical situation, but after the appt with her doctor, they were so happy and relieved. It was pretty cool. They are so nice to us, and always when we tell them we have to leave their house to go to another appointment, the mom always says ´´already? It´s so early!´´ with a really sad look in her eyes haha but they all came to church on Sunday and loved it! For a long time, our class for all the visitors at church has been a bit empty. but this week we had 8 visitors, and a full class for the visitors. And lots other people who we´´re teaching didnt show! So we´´ve got some potencial right now to really have a lot of people at church, taking the sacrament, having great spiritual experiences as families. I love coming to church, and helping others come too. Last week, when we expected upwards of 19 people to come to church, and no one came, we were really really disappointed, because we know the blessings that come to those who really act and show their faith to God by coming to church, even if it´s hard and you have to wake up early.
   But we had transfers and Im staying in Birigui for 6 more weeks! I really expected to leave, because I only have 2 more transfers after this one, but Im excited to stay and witness 3 weddings (hopefully!!!) and lots more baptisms!

Elder Hirschi
´ps dont take the temple for granted!!!    anuary 19, 2015

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