Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Already?!

I can´t believe it´s Monday already, and we´re in November already haha I thought time would slow down a bit here in Brazil. It did for the CTM in São Paulo, but here it´s speeding up big time. But a lot happened this week. 

This is an answer to Moms question of what do we eat here haha no its usually really good food. We always eat almoco with members as a huge meal, because most of the people dont eat dinner til really late- 8 or 9 is pretty normal. Dad would die haha but Ive developed the practice of stuffing my face moreso than ever here during almoco, because I know I wont eat again until 9 or 930. But I love it.

We have had some really big success with teaching young people here. We have two people getting baptized on November 22, a 19 year old M and 14 year old G, and we´re really pumped about it because its been a while since this ward has seen a lot of success, and the members kind of lost trust in the missionaries. Now we´re working more with members than Ive maybe seen in my whole mission. We have another family, golden, M e D, who hopefully will get baptized soon, along with a family C and P. Theyre a great story.

We contacted C in the street a couple weeks back, and said we would come back to teach her, but never thought about it again for 2 weeks. We finally went over to her house last weekend, and turns out that C's daughter P had just moved in a few days earlier. P has been struggling with things in life, and we showed up at the perfect time. We taught them a lesson, invited them to church the next day, and they came! After church P expressed how much she needed something like church in her life, and we showed up at the perfect time. I know, like in Alaina´s email too, that we´re guided as missionaries, and I know that P will only find more blessings and peace in her life as she continues to learn from us. Her mom C is really funny. She offered us water, then Guarana, then cookies, then hand lotion (to keep) then really expensive perfume (to keep). Then water again. Gotta love her.

Gotta love you too family!
Thank you for everything, and Mom sorry I didnt respond to all your questions, I ran out of time. If you have more Ill answer them next week! 
Elder Hirschi

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