Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Week in Neverland

October 20th, 2014 I think it´s interesting that God doesnt take away our agency, our ability to choose certain things over others, but He has the ability to sometimes change our circumstances as to help us learn things on our own-circumstances that, if we choose correctly and lean on and trust in the power of God, will benefit us in the end and help us become better people, and better disciples of Christ. That being said, I think my week this week has been a week of learning to cope with and embrace the challenges that Heavenly Father gives you, knowing that regardless of what happens, it will be fine because you´re relying on the hands of a higher power, not your own. This week has been a tough week, just like last week, with language dificulties and culture differences, but I think there was a different feel this week than last week. I am learning to realize that I can struggle and not be totally stressed at all times. I can have an imperfect day and not understand someone throughout an entire conversation, and still know that Im where I need to be because I have hope and faith that I am experiencing struggles that will help me in the end. This week we saw a lot of miracles. Nothing too outstanding that deserves an article in the Ensign, but more like many small miracles. Many times we have somehow run into a bunch of less actives who havent been to church in a while, but really need to. Throughout my mission both here and in NY, Ive seen this many times. God will put you in the right place at the right time, if you are willing to work for Him. One thing I can say in Portuguese is basically if you do your part, God will do His. But we have to do our part. So many people here say that theres no difference between the different denominations, and if you love God in your own casa youre good. Loving God in your own casa is really really important, but I think this is an easy answer when you dont really want to put forth the effort to try and find truth. When we do our part, we are blessed and are closer to God in the end. When we pray with a sincere heart, we get closer to God because we actually feel a tangible spirit working within us. It´s great. As far as cultural differences, there are many here. Ive been blessed with a desire to embrace almost all the cultural differences here. Different food, rice and carne every day (love ittttt), no ac anywhere except in the Chapel for an hour every week, 40 degrees celsius every day, etc etc But theres one that is particularly hard to embrace. The toilets. The toilets are weaker than the Royals the last 29 years (exempting this year). My makeshift plunger I made out of a broom and a coca cola bottle did not work....but after a cheap investment of an actual plunger today all should be well. I seriously am grateful for all the emails, and all the prayers. I think Heavenly Father inspires us to do things that will help others in ways we dont really know when we do those things in the first place. Love, Elder Hirschi ps I know youve heard this a thousand times but I forgot my camera....no pics

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