Tuesday, November 4, 2014


October 27th, 2014

Ahhh I dont have much time to email, so Ill be quick. Here we only get an hour or so, whereas in NY we got all day if we wanted.

This week was another great week! It was tough, and annoying at times, but Im tired of reading my emails and reading myself complain about the language haha 

This week we got to travel to nearby Penopolis for a baptismal interview of Elisabete, who was baptized last Saturday. The congregation in Penopalis is really small, and it was cool to see her so strong in the gospel, and have such a strong testimony. Her congregation really needs her, and the Lord prepared her to be in his fold in Penopolis. I think things like this were prepared before this life- where we would live, who we would meet, who our family would be- and everything works out perfectly if we follow the commandments of God. Everything will be easy? No! But everything will work out perfectly- in this life or the next.

We also had divisions, which was cool. I spent a day with Elder Mendon, my zone leader. I taught a lot more than usual because Elder Mendon needed to know how I teach, to help me improve. It went well, and I came to the realization that mastering the language is going to take a lot of work. Seems logical, right? But I think I somehow expected something amazing to happen, where one day I wake up and suddenly understand people, but I am now more motivated to practice more, exert myself more, and be more willing to put myself out there and not get discouraged if I cant understand someone. Its going to take work. Everything in this life thats worth anything takes work (Dad, I think Dave Ramsey would like that one;)

I am looking forward to another week in Birigui. Actually another 6 weeks. Our transfers were this week, and unsurprsingly, Im staying with Elder Oelkers haha

Elder Hirschi

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