Monday, April 21, 2014

You're emailing from where??!!

Feb 10, 2014. So there's big news this week in the New York Rochester mission! All
the missionaries officially have IPads! apparently there's only 30 or
so missions worldwide that have them, but usually we use these paper
planner things and now we've said goodbye to the paper and we use
IPads to plan things and schedule things etc etc so I am currently
typing on my own IPad mini...I don't know how I feel about it but for
the time being I have no choice haha
 So this week I don't have much to report on because I've been a
little sick but I'm definitely a lot better now. I'm t the church
right now and a really great family (the Suprenant's) from my last
ward just surprised me by inviting the whole zone to the church for a
little get together including games and cake. They're so great haha
they put together a little video that I'll attempt to send via this
iPad. I'm so iPad illiterate it's not even funny but I'll get there!
 So today has been really great I got all the packages in the mail,
big thank you to Everyone for the packages and cards. I promise the
thank you notes will come more on time than the Christmas cards haha I
also need to send a couple pictures from a recent baptism, but I'll do
that next Pday when I send this weekend's baptism pics. The other
missionaries in my ward are having a baptism and we're way excited for
Thank you so much for making this day special even though I'm away
from home! Love you all so much!
Elder Jake Hirschi

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