Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm having a baby!!!

Attn:  "having a baby" in the mission field refers to training a new (baby) missionary!  

Sorry this email has taken so long to get out, but the past few days have been nothing short of CRAZY! On Friday I get a call from President, informing me that I'm going to be a trainer, which means a brand new missionary is coming to the mission, and I'm his new companion, in charge of making sure he does things right! Sort of... but I'm really excited. On Monday we had to go to a meeting and Elder Hales was packing all day, so we didn't have time to email. Today, Tuesday, we've been running around Western New York trying to get my new companion's stuff organized and in order. A couple FYI's:
1) My new companion's name is Elder POWERS! He is also waiting to go to Brazil. He's an absolute stud, and I think he doesn't really need a trainer but it'll be fun anyway. 
2) Usually our set of four missionaries has two cars. We just lost our car, and so now we are on BIKES! I'm excited, but mom can I request one more thing? I know I've cost you a lot of money recently, but could I have my big fat jacket I bought last year for school shipped out to me? No big rush but that coat is seeming really nice right about now. Really nice.
3) My old companion, Elder Hales, got moved to a wonderful place called Nunda. Out in the boonies, where the most faithful friends you make are cows! No, it's great area, just out in the boonies, that's all.

Well, I'm just about to get kicked off the computer, but just thought I'd let you know that I'm safe and sound here in Greece, New York, and that I have a new baby!

Have a greaaat week!
Elder Jake Hirschi

ps mom I got the piano music and I love it thanks so much it will definitely be one of the highlights of my pdays coming up. Thank you!

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