Monday, April 21, 2014

Fastest week evaaa!!!

On Feb 3, 2014, at 3:52 PM, Jacob Hirschi wrote: This week truly has been the fastest week ever. It was jam packed with STUFF. I think it was this week we had a snow day (cold day) on Tuesday. I couldn't even tell you if it was this week or last, it all just runs together. But one of these days it was -25 with windchill... Satan really has his hand in the temperature this week... Anyway this week on Sunday night we heard some good news- there's a mom, and her two sons who live in the ward. The boys were going to get baptized (ages 8 and 10) but the Dad, who moved, wouldn't allow it. This was about a month and a half ago. But apparently before I got here, the mom needed help moving, and it turned into the hardest move anyone had ever done, which included moving everything really short notice, and finally ending at 1 am. The dad was really touched by this, and he ended up having a softened heart enough to start learning from the missionaries. On Sunday, we got a call that the Dad would be coming in town on Wednesday, and wanted to get baptized that weekend (Saturday). So we had to seriously scram, and I can't even explain how much difficulty we had trying to get everything ready for it. But after a week of really not knowing if everything would work out, Saturday night we had the baptism of....... It was such a perfect experience, especially because it was the first time I had the opportunity to actually baptize someone myself. I baptized little S, who is in the attached picture. Then, on Sunday, I was able to lay my hands on his head and confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and give him the Holy Ghost. Such a cute little family, with a deep understanding of the gospel, and more faith than most. So that was definitely a highlight of not only my week, but of the mission overall. Perhaps the greatest miracle I've witnessed on my mission happened YESTERDAY! Tune in! So in my last area, we were teaching a recently baptized member of the church, and everything was going downhill for her. She had lost her job and couldn't find another one. She had tragedies in her family. She was butting heads with the landlord, who ultimately took her to court and evicted her. She was to be out of the house by TODAY. This woman caused more stress and distress in my life than anyone else so far haha because she was starting to have shaken faith and started testing God, making her faith conditional. Each time she presented more bad news she got angry, and you couldn't help but have part of your heart wrenched because of her poor circumstances! This is fairly abnormal for me, as my family can attest :) So the day before I was sent to this area she got news from the landlord that she needed to get out, and she was hurting and struggling and just didn't know what to do. And I couldn't do anything about it or even see her anymore because I was leaving! It was tough. BUT hear this: yesterday I get a call from her, and she explains a story. She was going to the courthouse when they said she couldn't avoid the eviction because she didn't apply or "serve" properly. And she was having trouble getting any welfare because you need a signed paper from your landlord, and her landlord wasn't having it. So basically she was on her way to a homeless shelter, thinking "God had let everything run out for her." BUT! walking "home", she got a call from one of the apartments she had checked on earlier. They had an opening, and it was half the price of her current place. She hung up, thanking God. THEN, she got another call from a job she had applied for earlier, saying her application had gone through and she might have it. I couldn't believe it was true, that such a dramatic miracle had taken place in her life. God will never fail us nor forsake us, and what a fantastic lesson I learned yesterday. It's one of those moments I'll literally remember for the rest of my life. Plus the baptism on Saturday. So yeah, pretty great week! Love, Elder Jake Hirschi ps poor Broncos I thought they'd take the cake:(

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