Monday, April 21, 2014

Conference Weekend

April 7, 2014

This week, of course, was conference weekend! As a missionary, it's
one of the only times in your life that you hear the words of our
leaders and apply them directly and immediately and often! I think
that May be why missionaries love conference so much! So if you don't
like watching 10 hours of talks in one weekend, find more ways to
directly apply the talks to your life! That's what we love it so
 This week definitely felt really quick but as I look back, I
remember all e Inge we did, and it seems a lot longer than it feels. I
feel like this week is a little microcosm of my mission overall- seems
really short but in reality was the most action-packed part of 4
minutes anyone could ever imagine;)
 It seems like everywhere we go, older women fall in love with us! No
joke we call bingo for woman with a seeming age unlimit of at least
85... But they literally gave us a standing ovation when we walked in
the door...celebs at heart, always. On Tuesday we asked for directions
from a bunch of people in a bus stop, and little did we know it was a
bus stop full of drunk-yet friendly and talkative- people, who then
proceeded into a 40minute conversation with us...and yes there was an
older lady who again fell in love with us there. But pretty much every
day is an adventure here, and we're experiencing a lot of miracles as
well. Basically right now we're in the process of having faith to find
people who are really ready and seeking the gospel in their life.
There are a lot of people who will let you on the door just because
they're lonely or they are just bored, but sometimes just because you
have a busy schedule doesn't mean you're as effective as you could be
in fulfilling your purpose as a missionary. This area has had a
history of slacking a bit and we're working on revamping:)
 So this week at conference what really stuck out to me was the
emphasis of charity and courage. With the pure love of Christ, all
other necessary attributes required to be happy in this life will flow
naturally as we interact in our daily lives. There are times in our
lives when the natural man wants to react a certain way, whether it be
by snapping back at someone, or by letting our faith slip through the
cracks. But with the pure love of Christ we can constantly keep the
spirit with us and both those natural man's instincts will be avoided.
Conference was really uplifting for me, and I love the testimonies of
the prophets and apostles. Their experiences can be our experiences if
we seek them as they do. I love teaching the gospel and having a
constant desire and obligation to share with people that which I love.
That's pretty much what missionary work is haha not too bad huh?

Elder Hirschi

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