Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two month mark!

Every week of the mission you WILL learn something if you allow yourself to. This week I have learned SO much about the importance of families here on Earth, and ultimately the fact that families can live together forever. Everything we teach traces back to the fact that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to come home and be like Him, because we are HIS CHILDREN. Every day I have learned to love my family more and more. There is nothing that compares to a family centered on the gospel and principles of Jesus Christ, because with those precious principles we see purpose and perspective in our lives to the fullest. Kylie just entered the MTC and of course she's killing it out there, and I am that much more motivated to serve the Lord when I hear about her life-changing experiences in the MTC (many more to come). I also got to hear from a lot of my immediate as well as extended family as they had a big family reunion this week, and I really just want everyone to know how much I love them and how much their support means to me. It's sad to see people reject you and not even give you a chance to tell them what our message is about, because it is centered on the ideas of families and happiness, but the amount of times you get rejected mean nothing when you finally see the effects of the gospel in the lives of families, especially the ones around you. I miss you all BUT look up Matthew 19:29 it's a gem haha
I am slowly learning how amazing of a city Buffalo New York is. You know the stereotype of the attitude of a typical Northeasterner, especially when a young kid tries to talk with them and tell them what can change their life? At first I thought that people from the NE would not be nice people, not going to lie. But I have been humbled, and can be a witness on how nice people really are here. Never judge people before you know them, because you can learn from anyone and you truly don't know their circumstance until you sit down to talk with them. Always keep you eyes open! Can't wait for everything I'll learn this week!
Elder Jake Hirschi

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