Monday, August 26, 2013

more to come from buffalo....and a lost wallet!

Hi all! This week has been flippin stressful but just as rewarding also! As far
as the passport stuff yeah I'll prob end up mailing it if I don't find a place
to fax it!!! I was mad about it for about an afternoon, but I've gotten so used
to losing things I've kind of stopped wasting my time worrying about it. Plus
the people at the bus station are getting annoyed at me calling all the time to
see if it turned up. Did I tell you I lost it because I was going to University
of Buffalo when President Obama was speaking there? There was going to be a lot
of people there so we got permission to go up there and talk to people. His
speech apparently was less than what the people wanted but it was still cool to
see people around a college campus again. Some of the nicest people are foreign
students who don't necessarily believe in what we are saying but still have open
minds. I also got to go on exchanges and go into the very impoverished parts of
Buffalo, where sometimes the most people have is their beliefs and their heart.
Money doesn't buy happiness because if it did we wouldn't be able to teach
people in these areas, because they wouldn't be happy. But the truth is that
everyone has the capability to truly free themselves by having power over how
they respond to their surroundings or circumstances- and not letting their
circumstances determine their happiness. We met a former Jehovah's Witness who
has such a strong spirit and desire to be guided to spiritual truth, and who is
willing to open her heart, which is the key. Real Intent can only come with an
open mind and heart. Anyway, we're about to head off to Niagra Falls! one of the
7 wonders of the world, so hopefully pictures will be posted next week! Last
PDay we went to the zoo haha yes it was a nice rewind back to my childhood but
really there is no age limit to having fun is there?
Elder Jake Hirschi

Wow I totally forgot the most important part of my week......MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!
This kid is a stud and he's 12. He just got baptized despite a really rough
family situation and upbringing. My companion taught him before I came here, and
they had already set a baptismal date but it had to get pushed to after I came
so we still got to know him pretty well.
1.) meu primeiro batismo
2.) People flocking to an area where they couldn't even see President Obama
3.) My first two trainers and me at the zoo...

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