Friday, July 19, 2013

week 4

Today makes one full month at the MTC! Time flies here but in a weird warped kind of way. I feel like I've lived here for way more than a month, but at the same time I can't believe that I'm leaving in a week and a half! It makes you apreciate every moment on the mission, because I feel like every transfer is going to fly by like this one. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone here because friendships formed after only a day or two and have only strenthened since. I've heard of some people in other districts getting visas who went through the Houston Consulate, which is who I went through, so my chances of getting a visa have gone from none to slim! It doesn't matter where I go or really when I get to Brazil, as long as I get there eventually. 
Also every week we have a couple devotionals, and this week they were really good. There's too many people at the MTC so we started doing devos in the Marriot Center on Tuesday nights. This week was Gordon B. Hinckley's son and he was great. We've also had some interesting speakers including the lady who wrote a bunch of the primary songs, Janice Capp Perry. We got to watch a movie called The Testaments on Sunday as well. It really made us ready to be in the field and help other people come to the knowledge of the fulness of the gospel. Just having people learn about another testament of Jesus Christ can unfold so many blessings and spiritual experiences in others' lives.
Our district is now the oldest one at the MTC! It's awesome seeing new excited missionaries come in, knowing what they have ahead of them. Regardless of how much they look like deer in the headlights when they first step into the MTC, you always come out looking like a missionary, so much more prepared than when you came in. We get to escort the senior couples missionaries again this week...I talked to a man at lunch who had served two missions already with his wife, and he expressed his gratitude in us serving the mission of the Lord. It's comforting to know how many prayers are supporting the missionaries here at the MTC and in the field. I thank everyone for their prayers! 
Next week I'll probably know whether I have a reassignment somewhere in the states, or if I've gotten my visa! Ate mais-
Elder Hirschi

p.s. the futebol team is still undefeated...

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