Thursday, October 24, 2013

From October 14, 2013:

 We had a wonderful family come to church this week, and I fell in love with their really cute kids. The night before the dad had played video games with the twin boys (spitting images of me as a kid, with  the buck teeth and all...) until 3:30 am, on the condition that they have to go to church the next day. I loved that haha my job in the middle of sacrament meeting turned into being babysitter for the kids. They were really good but in serious need of paper to doodle on in the middle of the meeting. We had a great luncheon thing after church, and our congregation was so welcoming to everyone, visitors and members. I love bringing families to church because I know the massive difference the gospel has made in my life, and in my family life. I would not love my family as much as I do if they hadn't brought me to church. All the family and friends that came to my farewell, I hope you felt welcome when you came because we know as missionaries that friends and love are so important when you're put in a new environment, like coming to a new church. This week was just great I felt the Spirit a lot when talking to people and planning to meet with people. Attitude determines altitude, and in this case my altitude can really make a difference and change people's lives, so I have to have a positive attitude! thanks for all the mail and packages (I did get the satchel I will wear it as requested by the mission president although I don't want to:) ) Love you all!
Elder Jake Hirschi

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