Friday, September 13, 2013

Tomorrow is the first day of my 2nd transfer here in NY, and 3rd transfer if you include the MTC. SO much has happened but time still flies as fast as it can. My two trainers were Elder Barnes and Elder Allen, and Elder Barnes was here before Elder Allen got moved into the area. This transfer (a transfer is every six weeks when missionaries may or may not be switched around the different assigned areas within Western New York) Elder Barnes is getting transferred to a place Northeast of Buffalo, called Brockport, and me and Elder Allen area staying in Buffalo, without a third companion. Although it is sad that Elder Barnes is leaving us, we will have much more room in our apartment haha. This week was awesome, especially at church when people you invite actually come, and even people you've never met before, that want to learn more come too! This week was one of those weeks. We're teaching a man from the Congo, who came to America to seek more opportunity. There's also a man from Uganda who is in a refugee camp seeking opportunity and more freedom. It's amazing to see everything they gave up, including material things but especially their families for a time, just to try to form a better life for them and their families in the future. Among all the bad in the world, esp in the Middle East right now, there are people out there who have their eyes set on freedom and peace. Sacrifice is often a sure requirement and I love seeing people fulfill that requirement. Love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Jake Hirschi 

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